Our Machine Welding Method

Reliability for Heavy Load

We will respond to common (problems) with a large saucer.
Fall prevention grating

Prevents small items such as coins and keys, fallen leaves and debris
from falling into the drainage ditch through the gaps in the grating.

Isn’t it a place where leaves and branches tend to collect?
Have you ever dropped a key in the gutter of the parking lot?
Are you in trouble with dust that collects in the catchment basin and gutters?
Have you ever dropped a coin in a gutter near a vending machine?
  • From the gaps in the grating, coins, keys, etc.Prevents small items, branches, fallen leaves, and debris from falling into the gutters.
  • If the tray is clogged, water is provided on the side Overflow as it flows into the next toilet through a rectangular opening
  • It is not. It also prevents piles from accumulating above the opening.
  • To use it, simply hook the angle on the gutter and lay the grating on it. In addition, the toilet has a handle, which makes it easy to remove, and maintenance such as cleaning is
  • Since the tray reduces the amount of falling objects, it is difficult for the piled up objects in the gutters to collect, and the cost of cleaning etc. can be reduced.
  • It can also be laid on existing receiving frames. It can be used not only for laying box lids but also for all gutters.

High Quality Control