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  • Describe the purpose of the Privacy Policy and its application to visitors/users of the website.

Information Collection:

  • Clarify the types of personal information collected (such as name, email, contact details) and the methods used (cookies, forms, etc.).

  • Explain the purpose of collecting this information and how it will be used.

Information Usage:

  • Detail how collected data will be used, whether for communication, marketing, or internal purposes.

  • Mention if and how the data will be shared with third parties and under what circumstances.

Data Protection:

  • Highlight security measures taken to protect users' information, such as encryption or secure servers.

  • Discuss users' rights regarding their data, including access, correction, or deletion requests.

Cookie Policy:

What Are Cookies:

  • Define what cookies are and how they are utilized on the website.

Types of Cookies:

  • Explain the various types of cookies used (such as functional, analytical, marketing), their purpose, and how they function.

Consent and Control:

  • Explain how users can manage or opt-out of cookie usage through browser settings or specific website features.

  • Provide clear instructions on how users can give or withdraw consent for cookies.

Changes to Policy:

  • Specify that the policies may be updated periodically and how users will be informed about these changes.


  • Ensure compliance with relevant laws (e.g., GDPR, CCPA) depending on the jurisdiction of your website's users.

For a comprehensive and legally sound Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, it is advisable to seek guidance from legal professionals specializing in data protection and privacy laws to ensure that the policies align with specific legal requirements and regulations applicable to Daikure (thailand).

Privacy Policy

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