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The standard version is "Hot Dip Galvanized". However, there are a variety of surface finishings that can provide to suit customer's need

Surface finishing

Grating types are the best for area usage and load conditions. Is mass produced with minimal material use which significantly reduces costs. The structure contains water and the surface is coated.

It has a long service life and is very economical.


Since there is a lot of open space (more than 70%), Grating is the best application for floor plans of Factories and marine vessels as it provides a bright and clean work environment.

Good lighting and ventilation

The bearing bars are set at equal distances to realize

the highest degree of strength. Bearing and twist

bars are not cut but electrically welded to make the grates. Therefore, steel can be used most effectively and grates are lighter and stronger compared to checker plates.

Light and Strong

Carbon steel with Hot Dip Galvanized

About Grating



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